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How it works



After an initial inquiry, I will design a menu and price for your special event.

I can come and meet you if you would like to talk through the party plans face to face.
Not only is it great to meet before an event it can prevent unforeseen challenges and
logistical problems that might arise if a site visit was not made.

Once an menu and price is agreed, I will prepare most of the food offsite, only making
finishing touches in your kitchen, the aim here is to avoid as much inconvenience to you as possible.

I will stay through out the function to ensure that all the food is prepared and
presented to my high standard and that my staff are managed. This helps provide the
excellence and ease my clients are looking for.


Where possible and appropriate only the finest, local fresh ingredients are used in the
preparation of my food. Significant effort is made to ensure that the highest quality of
ingredients are used and these are usually only found at specilaist suppliers.
Some of the specialists suppliers that I use are shown in links page.


I have been cooking for over 16 years as a private caterer. After completing a cookery
course at Bonne Bouche cookery school in Devon,I started my own private catering
business in central and North london; based in Highgate. I have also gained much
experience in catering for City director's dining rooms, West end business receptions,
private cocktail, buffet and dinner parties. I have built a good reputation catering for
country week end and shooting parties as far afield as Norfolk, Yorkshire and Scotland.
More recently I have relocated to West Berkshire where I am expanding




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